Cold Brew


Natural Cold Brew Ethiopia
250 ml
no added sugar or preservatives, the gentle roasting of your favorite Ethiopia gives to the Cold Brew a rich,
balanced taste with notes of chocolate & nuts.

Product Description

We have canned your favorite Ethiopia in fully recyclable packaging

The Cold brew is the most natural method of making coffee in which no temperature & pressure is used, with a fermentation process of 20 hours and 5 stages of filtration result in a sweet drinkable coffee, mild, with less acidity, full body and natural flavor

Cold Brew is an authentic ready-to-drink coffee, it maintains its good taste characteristics over a long shelf life, breaking down the failures that traditional brewing methods usually have

Conte Cold Brew Cup Profile: Natural flavor with hints of chocolate and nuts reminiscent of sugar with a lingering sweet cocoa aftertaste.

Additional Information


3Lt, 250ml